Svein Technology insists on technology innovation, have the product line of the finger vein authentication module, device, access control machine......


Financial payment, security access control, intelligent buildings, medical insurance, social security, judicial prisons, smart campus, smart home, secret military, supermarket, clubs, educational examinations......


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 Svein  Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of new generation of biometric identification technology - Finger Vein Authentication technology ,The company has its own core technology, product technology indicators in the world's leading level.

SveinTechnology provides a wide range of finger vein identification technologies, products and solutions, including:

1.For manufacturers, to provide the core module, and intravenous product solution

2.Provide system level solutions for integrators and end customers, including a variety of finger vein applications, and system software


Svein  Technology pays more attention to market demand, with the core technology advantages, to meet customer demand as the goal, continue to provide customers with more quality finger vein authentication products and intelligent security solutions, leading the development of vein refers to the direction of technology, and strive to a biological recognition pilot enterprises.


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Svein Technology insists on technology innovation,Lead the direction of the development of Finger Vein Authentication technology and strive to become the leading enterprise in the field of biometrics

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